Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY | Contract Manufacturing For Various Industries

Contract Manufacturing For Various Industries

Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY

Golden Valley Products is a custom manufacturing company based in Minnesota, but offers products and services nationally across the USA.

Are you a company that is in need of contract manufacturing services? Many companies often work with contract manufacturers in order to manufacture and produce various types of products and parts. Here are some of the contract manufacturing services we offer here at Golden Valley Products as well as some of the industries we serve: Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY

Types of Contract Manufacturing Services:

At Golden Valley Products, we specialize in offering many different types of contract manufacturing services to a variety of different companies. Some of the services and products we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Industrial Printing Services (Digital Printing, Pad Printing, Screen Printing)
  • Precision Cutting Services (Waterjet Cutting, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting)
  • Laminating & Assembly Services
  • Embossing Services
  • Art & Engineering Services
  • Custom Manufacturing Services (Printed Electronics, Graphic Overlays, In-Mold Decorating/In-Mold Electronics, Labels, etc.)

To learn more about our contract manufacturing services, feel free to contact your local contract manufacturers near New York City NY at Golden Valley Products today.

Types of Industries We Serve:

We specialize in working with a variety of different industries here at Golden Valley Products, and have many decades’ of experience providing contract manufacturing services and custom products and parts to various types of companies and organizations. Here are just some of the many types of industries that we serve:

  • Medical Industry
  • OEM Industry
  • Contract Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Industrial Industry
  • Military
  • Retail & Consumer Industry

To learn more about the types of companies and organizations we have worked with in the past and the types of projects we’ve done for them, feel free to contact us and ask us.

Our Products & Services: Printed Electronics New York City NY

Printed Electronics | Membrane Switches | Medical Sensors | Membrane Potentiometers | Pressure Sensors | Flexible Heaters | Capacitive Circuits | Graphic Overlays | In-Mold Decorating (IMD) | In-Mold Electronics (IME) | Labels | 3D Formed Labels | Gaskets | Spacers | Insulators | Art and Engineering Services | Printing Services | Digital Printing | Screen Printing | Pad Printing | Industrial Cutting Services | Laser Cutting | Steel Rule Die Cutting | Waterjet Cutting | Laminating and Assembly Services | Embossing

Our Service Locations: Medical Sensors New York City NY

GVP offers services and products nationally across the USA, including states and regions like:

Minnesota | California | Massachusetts | Florida | Indiana | Pennsylvania | New York | Texas | Illinois | New Jersey | Midwest | USA

Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY

Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY

Contract Manufacturers Near New York City NY