Custom Labels Los Angeles California | Types of Custom-Made Labels (Part 2)

Custom Labels Los Angeles California

Do you need labeling services for your company? Custom labels are required and employed in a wide range of businesses, and they are definitely necessary when it comes to organization, transactions, safety, and other factors. Here are some examples of labels that we can custom-make here at Golden Valley Products: Custom Labels Los Angeles California

Kiss-Cut Labels

Kiss cutting is a popular method for producing pressure-sensitive labels. During the kiss-cutting operation, a sharp metal die cuts the perimeter of each label. However, the cut does not penetrate the backing substance of the label (liner). Despite making a clean cut all the way through the peel-off area of the label, the die only “kisses” the liner sheet. This enables single or many labels to stay on a liner sheet or roll until the end user is ready to remove them.

Compliance Labeling

Compliance labels are required labeling for any type of consumer goods that must meet regulatory criteria or that compels you to present relevant information to the user, such as safety information, environmental dangers, or government warnings. Compliance labels also incorporate any information deemed relevant for usage by the brand or business. Label compliance refers to the application of a label in order to follow and meet the criteria and standards set by a client, organization, or industry. These guidelines were developed to assure safety, quality, health, and efficiency. If your firm makes or produces things that require compliance labels, you’ll want to discover a dependable label and print provider that can give you with high-quality, precise labels.

Urethane Domed Labels

A domed label has a raised dome shape made by pouring clear liquid polyurethane on top of a “flat label.” Flat labels lack the dimension that domed labels have. To achieve our labels’ distinctive raised dome form, clear liquid polyurethane (urethane) is sprayed onto a flat label. The precisely measured volume of urethane flows to the label’s edges, generating a urethane bubble tailored to the label’s contours.

If your business is in need of custom labeling services, then contact your local California contract manufacturers, Golden Valley Products, today.

Custom Labels Los Angeles California

Custom Labels Los Angeles California

Custom Labels Los Angeles California

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