Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN | Membrane Potentiometer for products

Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN

Membrane Potentiometer for products

Membrane Potentiometers are typically used to sense an applied force. For example, you can use it to tell if a person has put sufficient force on a touch screen device. That is usually enough for a touchscreen controller to determine that the user has touched the screen. But this isn’t the only application for membrane potentiometers, from motion controls to user-controlled user input, these sensors can be used in a number of different ways. If you want to find a Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN, then look no further then Golden Valley Products.

What are Membrane Potentiometers?

At Golden Valley Products, our standard Membrane Potentiometer is a conductive printed polyester-based circuit that can be used to create linear position or voltage divider sensors. These sensors come in a wide range of shapes, with single linear and radial potentiometers as well as multi-element sensing devices. Our sensors come as thin as 0.019″, but even these thin potentiometers can be fully integrated directly into your control panel or right next to other membrane keys (including LED indicator lights and more). Its thin design allows for easy integration into small spaces that sensors wouldn’t always fit otherwise.

A standard Membrane Potentiometer consists of a 2-layer Polyester based sensor with a sealed interior spacer layer, and is mounted using an adhesive selected to match your enclosure. The sensor within the membrane potentiometer reacts to even delicate pressure, between 1 to 3 newtons, using a spring-loaded bearing wiper. However, the resistance level can be customized to best suit the application you need. A reliable manufacturer can help you to understand what kind of membrane potentiometer is right for you and your product.

What are Membrane Potentiometers used for?

Television and audiovisual equipment

Membrane Potentiometers have a number of uses, including television and audiovisual equipment. Audio equipment and television sets use membrane potentiometers as part of their audio control. In addition, this technology is used to control lighting- from dimming the lights to changing the color channels entirely.

Motion control

The motion control industry is another area where membrane potentiometers are used. These sensors are used in applications that require precision and speed, such as robotics and machine tooling. Membrane Potentiometers have an advantage over other types of sensors when it comes to accuracy and response time: they can be configured for a wide range of applications with very little effort. So, when it comes to membrane potentiometers, motion control is just one of many fields in which they are used.

Computation and computerized electronics

There are many different applications for membrane potentiometers in the field of computation and computerized electronics. They can be used to create the sensors that detect light, temperature, pressure and other physical properties. Membrane Potentiometers have a number of advantages over other types of sensors: they are easy to use, reliable in their measurements and very accurate.


Transducers are a very important part of any electrical or mechanical system and membrane potentiometers are an ideal choice as transducers. They can be used to measure both physical properties such as temperature, pressure and light intensity, but they can also be used in applications where there is no physical property to detect – for example when measuring the motion of an object or its position. Local manufacturers can help you to find the perfect membrane potentiometer for your businesses’ needs.

Calibration and tuning

For any system that requires calibration or tuning, membrane potentiometers are the ideal choice. They can be easily calibrated and tuned, which means they can be used in applications that require a high degree of accuracy. Their elegant and thin design helps them to fit perfectly into numerous applications. Membrane potentiometers can be used to monitor a wide range of physical properties, including pressure and temperature. They are also popularly used in many medical applications, such as for blood pressure monitors and heart rate monitors. Membrane potentiometers are often found in cars as well – they’re commonly used to measure the position of components like the throttle plate or steering wheel.

User-controlled input for machines and applications

Membrane potentiometers are used for numerous user-controlled input for machines, such as automotive machines and industrial machines. They are also used in applications like food processing and packaging equipment, where they’re used to control the speed of conveyor belts. Membrane potentiometers can be found on a wide range of mechanical components, including levers, switches and buttons.

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Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN

Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN

Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN

Membrane Potentiometer in Minneapolis MN

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