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Membrane Switches Minneapolis MN

GVP has been manufacturing high-quality, durable membrane switches for the medical device, military, automotive, marine, and OEM industries since 1973. Membrane Switches in Minneapolis MN

What is a Membrane Switch?

Membrane switches are part of the user interface for an electronic device. They are typically used to communicate a user’s command to the device, turning it on or off. The circuit actuation is performed by pressing a specific location on the user interface (such as a key), thus closing the circuit within the printed electronics below. When the membrane switch key is released, the circuit poles separate, and the circuit returns back to an open state. Membrane Switches in Minneapolis MN

A common membrane switch construction is made of a thin film layer of polyester. This type of film is used in many products because it can be easily manufactured and it’s chemically resistant. The circuitry is made using a series of printed conductive inks; this makes it different from copper-etched printed circuit boards (PCBs). Membrane switches cost less than copper-etched PCBs, and they also take less time and money to develop. Membrane switches can be made with different types of actuation. These include non-tactile flat keys, metal domes for a tactile and audible response, Polyester formed domes as well as capacitive options. Other electronic components can be mounted into a Membrane Switch as well for added functionality. Low profile LEDs, resistors, and capacitors can be integrated into the circuit construction providing more enhanced user feedback options.

Membrane Switches in Minneapolis

Membrane Switches in Minneapolis

Membrane Switches Minneapolis MN

Membrane Switch Applications:

  • Household appliances (i.e., air conditioner control panel, TV remote control, microwave oven panel, etc.)
  • Medical equipment
  • Control panel-oriented industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Aerospace applications
  • Automotive controls and panels
  • Retail and consumer-related equipment or machines (i.e., exercise equipment, vending machines, gasoline pumps, etc.)

Membrane Switches Minneapolis MN

Key Benefits for a Membrane Switch:

Customized User Interface Options:

As our Membrane Switches are custom built to your specifications, you can tailor the interface to meet your specific needs.

Custom Graphics:

Membrane switches can be customized with a wide range of graphic options, including custom logos, textures and multi-color specialized graphics.

Reduced Footprint:

Low profile construction provides a space-saving design option.

Moisture Resistance:

We can provide a fully sealed construction that can hold up to an IP65 rating by using a gasket or drop-in switch construction.

Easy to Replace:

The Membrane Switch is a surface-laminated component that provides a faster, low-cost replacement for field and refurbish applications. Since the Membrane Switch is all contained in one package, it provides a drop-in place option without the costly replacement of circuit boards inside the unit.

Lower Cost and Lead Time:

When compared to copper etched flex circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs), a Membrane Switch offers a greater cost reduction in the form of lower upfront tooling costs and shorter lead time.

Membrane Switches in Minneapolis

Components of a Membrane Switch:

  • Graphic Overlay
  • Overlay adhesive/gasket
  • ESD shielding layer (optional)
  • Dome retainer and/or circuit spacer
  • Surface mounted components (optional)
  • Circuit layer
  • Rear adhesive layer (with liner)
  • Back panel

Membrane Switches Minneapolis MN

Optional Membrane Switch Features:

  • Custom printed graphics and logos (Graphic Overlay portion)
  • Custom shapes
  • Multi-layer/sided construction through conductive vias
  • Back-lighting
  • Surface texture materials (Graphic Overlay portion)
  • Embossing (Graphic Overlay portion)
  • Actuation options (tactile metal dome, polydome, flat non-tactile, and capacitive options)
  • Customizable connector styles
  • Window lens coating (Graphic Overlay portion)
  • Moisture and dust-resistant sealing
  • LED/resistor embedding
  • Options for EMI/ESD/RFI shielding
  • Other options available for custom Membrane Switches upon request

Contact GVP For Custom Membrane Switches:

GVP can design and manufacture a custom membrane switch according to your exact specifications. We use cross-over, or conductive vias, to create a membrane switch like a multi-layered printed circuit board is designed.

Our reputation for high-quality control standards and extensive research and development efforts ensures that our customers are confident in our products. Our team of engineers will work closely with you on your Membrane Switch design to ensure that all of your requirements are met. Contact Us today if you’re in need of custom printed Membrane Switches for your next project!

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