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Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN | Custom Gaskets & More

Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

Here at Golden Valley Products, we manufacture custom Gaskets, Spacers, and Insulators for a wide range of industries from Medical and Military, Automotive, Appliance, as well as Marine. We offer the expertise required to create the exact gasket required for your project. Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

One of the most common parts required for any device or application is the custom gasket. Gaskets are typically used as a mechanical seal to fill the gap between two other parts in a machine. Electrical enclosure gaskets and seals are designed to keep water, air, oil, dust and debris from affecting your electrical parts. Our engineers work in compliance with NEMA and UL certification requirements, EMI and RFI considerations, and environmental safety regulations. At GVP, we have the capabilities for steel rule die, waterjet, and laser cutting options for your project needs. Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

Gaskets, Spacers, and Insulators can be manufactured in a variety of different materials, including (but not limited to): Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

  • Plastics
  • Closed-cell Sponge
  • Open-cell Foam
  • Rubbers
  • 3M Adhesive Materials
  • Neoprene
  • BISCO Silicone
  • PORON Urethane
  • Metals

Gaskets Spacers Insulators Minneapolis MN

With our Steel Rule Die Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, and Laser Cutting processing options, depending on the material selection and project requirements, we have the exact cutting and processing options to meet your needs. Our custom cut approach creates a consistent product with every cut. Our controlled processes are perfect for runs ranging from just a few hundred parts to tens of thousands or more. You can be sure that each part is cut exactly to your specifications every time. Does your gasket require an adhesive layer? We can add layers of pressure-sensitive adhesive designed specifically to meet your projects requirements for form, fit, and environmental function.

With over 40 years of custom fabricating foam, rubber, plastics and other flexible materials, GVP has become an industry leader in our field. Let GVP be your one-stop shop for custom Gaskets, Spacers, and Insulators. Contact Us today to see how we can help with your latest project!

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