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What is an In-Mold Decorated Application?

In-Mold Decorating is essentially a process that involves 2nd surface printed graphics on a flat plastic film that is then formed into a custom shape. The formed film is then placed into a specialized mold for an injection molding process to back fill the film creating a bonded molded part. As the part hardens, the graphic film is fused in place. This results in a tough, durable, and stylized final product that can be created with a wider range of complex curves and shapes than a standard graphic overlay. In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

With traditional Graphic Overlays, Labels, Screen Printing and Laser Etching, you have a top surface application to a plastic part which can wear over time. With an IMD application, your graphics are now a bonded part of the enclosure with an added level of protection for more demanding environments.

In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

IMD Industries and Applications:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • OEM
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Military and Government
  • Transportation and Equipment
  • Technology and Communications

In-Mold Decorated products are a perfect fit for several in-demand sectors, including the automotive, medical, industrial, robotics, and aerospace industries. These versatile products can be used as/for:

  • Emblems and Nameplates
  • Medical Diagnostics Control Panels
  • Dashboard and Automotive Control Panels
  • Surgical and ICU Equipment
  • Security Control Pads
  • Appliance Controls

Key Benefits for In-Mold Decorating Products:

Customized options:

Our IMD applications are built to order, as opposed to an off the shelf option, ensuring that you have the ability to tailor the product to meet your needs. In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

Increased durability & moisture resistance:

With a final product that is molded into a final shape, you do not have to worry about any peel back issues with delamination and loss that can happen with secondary labeling on complex surfaces. This can provide increased moisture and ingression protection as well. With fully embedded graphics, you also have increased abrasion and chemical resistance to your image.

Expanded complex shapes:

IMD applications can be formed into a wider range of complex shapes and curved surfaces where traditional labels or graphic overlays will not work.

Eliminates the costs associated with secondary labeling:

As your graphics and part are molded into one, you do not need to source and deal with any secondary labeling. Your graphics are permanently embedded into the final product.

IMD applications can also be used in In-Mold Electronics (IME) applications:

Using this IMD approach as a start, we can begin to add user interface functionality to your product and create a custom fully molded electronic control panel with no moving parts to wear out.

In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

In-Mold Decorating Minneapolis MN

Contact GVP For In-Mold Decorating:

IMD offers a durable bonded product that eliminates the need for post mold labeling or first surface printing. This one stop approach takes care of any worry that you may have of your product information or company branding being removed, defaced, or lost on your device. Contact Us today to talk to our team of Engineers to see if IMD is a viable solution for your next project.

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