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We design and manufacture a wide variety of Printed Electronics

GVP has been manufacturing high-performance, high-quality, and highly durable Printed Electronics for the medical device, military, automotive, marine, and OEM industries since 1973. A typical printed electronic construction is comprised of a central thin film membrane layer. This film is typically made using a Polyester material, although there are a wide range of other material options that can provide added benefits for more extreme environments. The circuitry is constructed using a series of printed conductive inks. It is within this process that separates most printed electronics from other mechanical electronics. The use of printed conductive inks provides a greater cost advantage as well as reduced development and lead time from its mechanical cousin. There are several different features that can be incorporated into your printed electronic product. Electronic components can be mounted into your part as well for added functionality. Low profile LEDs, resistors, and capacitors can be integrated into the construction providing more enhanced user feedback options.

We manufacturer high quality printed electronics to your exact specifications to suit any environment or application. Contact Us today if you’re in need of custom printed electronics for your business.