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Medical Sensors Minneapolis MN

Medical Sensors Minneapolis MN

GVP has been manufacturing high-performance, high-quality, and highly durable Medical Sensors for the medical industries for decades. Medical Sensors are one of the fastest growing markets out there. These thin, flexible electrical interfaces to the human body can be produced as a cost-effective disposable product option. Here at GVP, maintaining a strict quality control system is paramount when working with our medical device manufacturers. We are able to offers leading edge medical sensor technology for patient monitoring and critical care applications to meet your exact requirements with full lot tracking records.

Medical Sensor Applications:

  • EEG and EKG/ECG Sensors
  • Pain Management Sensors
  • Glucose Sensors
  • Pressure Feedback Sensors
  • Position Sensors

Key Benefits for a Medical Sensor:

Customized User Interface Options:

As our Membrane Sensors are built to order, as opposed to an off the shelf option, you have the ability to tailor the interface to meet your needs. Medical Sensors Minneapolis MN

Reduced Footprint:

Low profile construction provides a greater space saving design option.

Lower Cost and Lead Time:

When compared to mechanical options, a printed Medical Sensor offers a greater cost reduction with respects to the upfront tooling costs and lead time. Medical Sensors Minneapolis MN

Components of a Medical Sensor:

  • Circuit layer
  • Custom interface options
  • Support panel (optional)
  • Surface mounted components (optional)
  • Custom medical grade foams and gel well options

Medical Sensors Minneapolis MN

Optional Medical Sensor Features:

  • Custom printed graphics and logos
  • Custom shapes
  • Multi-layer/sided construction through conductive vias
  • Embossing
  • Customizable connector styles
  • Other options available for custom medical sensors upon request

Contact GVP For Custom Medical Sensors:

GVP designs and manufactures custom Medical Sensors according to our customers’ exact specifications. Through the use of cross-over, or conductive vias, we can design a Medical Sensor within smaller spaces without the loss of functionality.

Contact Us today if you’re in need of custom printed Medical Sensors for your next project! Our engineers will work closely with you on your design to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

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