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Golden Valley Products, Inc. is ready to assist you with all of your UL Certification Label needs. Our experienced team will guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure that you’ll obtain approvals on all of your custom UL label requirements. UL Labels Minneapolis MN

In the world today, most products are required to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information regarding hazards, warnings, installation, and electrical ratings. UL has risen up as a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification. According to the UL website, the UL mark is the single most accepted certification mark in the United States. UL Labels Minneapolis MN

Certification Category PGDQ2

UL labels constructed with label materials that comply with Marking and Labeling Systems requirements ensure you, as a manufacturer, can acquire labels that meet the specific marking requirements applicable to your UL-certified product.

According to the UL website, testing and validation of UL labels includes a construction examination and testing for permanency. Testing on UL label construction and adhesives includes:

  • Environmental testing for exposure to high humidity, occasional exposure to water, elevated temperatures, sunlight, and chemical agents.
  • Visual examination to look for curling, wrinkling, shrinkage, or loss of adhesion around the perimeter.
  • Evaluating legibility, resistance to defacement, and adhesion

PGDQ2 is a certification category for UL Marking and Labeling Systems for label converters/printers. Per the UL website, the PGDQ2 Marking & Labeling System covers printed labels that are manufactured by a label printer/converter. As a general rule, these labels are sold as die-cut, finished printed labels. PGDQ2 labels are suitable for a wide variety of UL certified products and tested in accordance with test methods in ANSI/UL 969. You can find our UL approved constructions under our UL file # PGDQ2.MH13802.

Authorized Label Supplier Program for Certification Marks

The Authorized Label Supplier Program (ALSP) is designed to protect the integrity of UL’s Certification Marks and deter counterfeiting. Label printers participating in the ALSP agree to a closer relationship with us and, thus, are entrusted with producing and distributing UL Certification Marks to authorized UL clients. UL provides certification and follow-up services to manufacturers that can be identified by consumers through the use of the UL Mark on the product. Because the UL Mark is so important, manufacturers must submit a design layout of the UL Mark to a UL label center for review to verify that all required information is in an acceptable format. This must be done prior to reproduction of the UL Mark and prior to application of the Mark to eligible products. This advance review eliminates potential disruption in production due to an unacceptable UL Mark design.

Under the ALSP we are visited periodically by UL representatives. During these visits, an audit of any labels in production is conducted along with a review of the label suppliers’ systems to the requirements of the program. This visit also provides the opportunity to discuss label printing questions or concerns with UL.

As a member of UL’s ALSP, UL File # PGAA.LP2378, Golden Valley Products, Inc. is experienced and already setup to handle all of your UL mark requirements. We can assist you through the entire process to ensure that your label contains the correct information to be compliant to the latest UL Mark requirements.

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing high performance device and compliance labels for a wide range of companies around the world, Golden Valley Products, Inc. is your reliable source for all of your certification label needs.

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