Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting - Golden Valley Products

Laser cutting is a high-quality precision cutting process that utilizes laser technology in order to cut or customize a variety of materials/products. Laser cutting services are frequently used by many different companies and industries in order to help manufacture or customize various products, parts, or devices. This process uses a powerful, tightly focused laser beam to make accurate cuts and etches into a wide range of materials.

A laser cutting approach provides a perfect cost-effective option during the initial stages of a project’s development. We can make adjustments on the fly to move a key in a membrane switch for example and do it all with this soft tooling option saving you the costly expense of having to re-tool during the prototyping stage.

Some of the materials that laser cutting is commonly used for including (but are not limited to):

  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Some thin film Plastics
  • Gasket, Seal and Spaer materials
  • Adhesive Materials

Laser cutting provides many benefits, including its safety, precision, accuracy, versatility, uniformity, speed, fast turnaround, cost effectiveness, and its ability to cut and customize a wide variety of materials. If you’re interested in our custom laser cutting services, feel free to Contact Us today.