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Embossing Services

Embossing is an important part of product manufacturing, customization, and branding because it makes your products attractive and appealing, as well as adding increased functionality. Oftentimes the finishing touches that are put on products include some form of embossing, forming, or customization in order to make your products look unique, branded, and stand out from the crowd.

Embossing is the process of using specialized tooling, heat, and pressure to create custom raised features in your label, graphic overlay, or keypad. This can provide a unique look and feel to your product while also creating added functionality in the form of a tactile key or feature. GVP’s custom embossing can also be used to create ADA compliant Braille for labels and signage. Embossing Services Minneapolis MN

In a conventional embossing or debossing process, matching male and female die sets are used to form the material. As the two halves come together, pressure is applied to the film resulting in the raised features. Multi-Level and deep draw features can also be formed into your part using a specialized Hydro-forming process.  Embossed features can be created in a wide range of material thicknesses in both Polyester and Polycarbonate based films.  Both materials are available in several surface finish options including Gloss, Satin, as well as a Matte Textured look. Weather-able and scratch resistant hard coat finishes are also available. Embossing Services Minneapolis MN

Typical customers interested in this type of service are companies that are looking for functional, highly decorated, thin film plastic products in the OEM, Medical, Aerospace, and Military industries where the demand for quality and precision is high.

If you’re looking to emboss, form, or customize your products, then contact Golden Valley Products, Inc. today and we’ll provide you with the best embossing services around.

There are several styles of embossing to fit your needs:

Pillow Embossing:

The entire key or design feature is raised to a flat top shape.

Rail or Rim Embossing:

Just the outside border of the key or design feature is raised. Contact us to go over the design requirements for this feature in more detail.


The Hydro-Forming process utilizes patented technology to apply hydraulic pressure to thin film plastic to emboss or form shapes. The one-sided tool combined with the soft diaphragm universal counter die creates less stress on the substrate than traditional match metal embossing tools. Because tooling is one-sided, unique embossing geometries are possible with hydro form that cannot be achieved with traditional tooling. Examples include tactile devices, negative draft angles, dual level and deep draw shapes.

PolyDome Embossing:

A radial domed top key or feature that provides a tactile response.


ADA compliant signage.

In-Mold Decorating (IMD):

In-mold decoration or in-mold decorating (IMD) is a process that used for plastic molding and plastic decorating. IMD is commonly used by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and product designers in order to form and decorate plastic products. IMD consists of four main processes, including: printing, molding, forming, and trimming.

3D Formed Labels:

Very similar to IMD, 3D Formed Labels utilize a specialized forming process on thin pre-printed, adhesive backed, plastic sheets that allow your label to conform to a complex curved surface without the typical peel back that can happen with a standard label.

Embossing Services Minneapolis MN

Embossing Services Minneapolis MN

Embossing, IMD, and 3D Formed Labels are utilized by many different kinds of industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Medical
  • OEM
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Military/Defense
  • Technology
  • Electronics/Appliances
  • Agriculture
  • HVAC Technology

Contact Us for Custom Embossing Services:

GVP offers many high-quality embossing, forming, and customization services to a wide range of customers and industries, specifically medical companies and OEMs. At GVP, we guarantee quality workmanship, and timely and efficient production runs for a whole range of products and projects. If you’re interested in our custom embossing, hydroforming, IMD, or labeling services, then feel free to Contact Us today about your project.

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