Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts | Types of Custom-Made Labels (Part 3)

Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts

Do you require labeling services for your business? Custom labels are required and used in a wide variety of industries, and they are absolutely essential when it comes to organization, transactions, safety, and other considerations. Here are some examples of labels that Golden Valley Products can create for you: Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts

UL Compliance Labeling

A UL label is used to display product safety information. It is submitted to and tested by UL in line with the required performance requirements for marking permanence. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a safety consulting and certification company that focuses on electrical devices and components, as well as fire safety products, hazardous substances, water quality, food safety, performance testing, and environmental sustainability, as well as the marking and labeling systems used on these products. UL-approved labels indicate that a product label has been tested and certified in accordance with a certain UL standard.

Warning Safety Labels

Safety and warning labels are required to keep customers and staff informed of any potentially hazardous conditions. Whether it’s dangerous features of work equipment or a product itself, clearly marked and legible safety and warning labels will keep people who are vulnerable informed of the potential hazards. Warning labels are available in a number of materials, including vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate.

Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels indicate when a product has been opened or tampered with. These labels or seals have features that make it impossible to remove or peel up the material without causing visible damage. Tamper-proof labels must not easily separate from the product’s container and are frequently intended to split or separate after removal.

If your company is in need of custom labeling services, then contact your local contract manufacturers in Boston MA, Golden Valley Products, today.

Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts

Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts

Custom Labels Boston Massachusetts

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