Die Cutting Minneapolis MN | Types of Die Cutting Services

Die Cutting Minneapolis MN

Die cutting is a process that utilizes specialized machinery and tools to create custom shapes and designs by cutting, forming, and shearing. There are many different types of processes when it comes to die cutting; certain projects are best suited for certain types of die-cutting services. Local contract manufacturers can help you determine what process is best for your project. Here are 3 different types of die-cutting: 3 Types of Die-Cutting Services

Flatbed Die Cutting

This is also known as steel rule dies cutting. This is a fabrication process that utilizes a flatbed press specific to die cutting. The custom steel rule dies transform various materials into shapes and/or designs that are highly customizable for whatever your specific project may require. Thicker materials are able to be used in steel rule dies. Parts production for larger parts is also suitable for this type of die-cutting. Contact us to learn more.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is another form of die cutting in Minnesota. It utilizes a cylindrical die attached to a rotary press to convert materials to the desired end product. Rotary die cutting is extremely precise, meaning that parts production will be completed with high degrees of accuracy to ensure extreme precision. Mass production is acceptable for die cutting, and your local contract manufacturers can help you determine if rotary die cutting is best suited for your specific project.

Digital Die Cutting

Digital die cutting utilizes lasers controlled by highly experienced technicians who use state-of-the-art technology and software. This method is free from dies, yet still is a precise and effective way to obtain precise and customized parts. Technology is highly utilized in this form of parts manufacturing and it’s imperative that you hire knowledgeable and skilled professionals to complete the job right from start to finish.

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