Embossing Minneapolis-St Paul MN | What Are the Different Types of Embossing?

Embossing Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Are you looking for ways to personalize and distinguish your products? Is your company looking to brand its products, or do you require custom manufacturing and production services? If this is the case, then you should consider utilizing embossing services. Here are some of the different types of embossing services that we can provide: Embossing Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Pillow Embossing

The entire key or design element is elevated to a flat top form; a raised button/key with a flat top.

Rail or Rim Embossing

The key or design feature’s outer edge is raised. Please contact us to discuss the design requirements for this feature in greater detail.

3D Formed Labeled

3D formed labels, like IMD, use an unique forming process on thin pre-printed, adhesive-backed plastic sheets to allow your label to conform to a complicated curved surface without the normal peel back that can occur with a standard label.


The hydroforming technique applies hydraulic pressure to thin film plastic to emboss or create shapes using patented technology. The one-sided tool, in conjunction with the soft diaphragm universal counter die, places less strain on the substrate than standard match metal embossing tools. Because the tooling is one-sided, hydroform allows for unique embossing geometries that are not achievable with standard tooling. Tactile devices, negative draft angles, dual level and deep draw forms are a few examples.

PolyDome Embossing

A top key or feature with a radial domed top that gives a tactile reaction.

In-Mold Decorating

In-mold decoration, also known as in-mold decorating (IMD), is a plastic molding and decorating process. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and product designers frequently employ IMD to mold and brand plastic goods. IMD is made up of four main processes: printing, molding, shaping, and trimming.

If your company is in need of embossing services, then contact your local contract manufacturers in Minneapolis-St Paul MN, Golden Valley Products, today.

Embossing Minneapolis-St Paul MN

Embossing Minneapolis-St Paul MN

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