In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MN | What is in-mold decorating used for

In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MNWhat is in-mold decorating used for

In-mold decoration is the process of using a printing method to decorate a product “in-mold,” instead of using traditional ink print methods. This method is perfect for any design or information that manufacturers want to protect from normal wear and tear. In-Mold Decorating is an essential component of ensuring that your product communicates effectively with your clients. If you’re looking for in-mold decorating in Minnetonka MN, then look no further then Golden Valley Products.

What is in-mold decorating?

In-mold decorating is a process that involves printing graphics onto a flat plastic film and forming the finished product into any custom shape. The formed film is then placed in a mold for an injection molding process that bonds the material together. As the part hardens, the graphic film is fused in place. This results in a tough, durable, and stylized final product that can be created with a wider range of complex curves and shapes than a standard graphic overlay. This is great for numerous products. If your product has unusual corners or pinched segments that would usually be hard to print information or designs onto, in-mold decorating provides a solution that allows manufacturers to create unique and memorable imagery for your product.

The Benefits of in-mold decorating

Still not convinced that in-mold decorating is amazing? Here’s a few more benefits to in-mold decorating:

Give a product a unique look

If you’re interested in giving your product a unique look that lasts, then you’ll want to use in-mold decorating. In-mold decorating helps your product communicate effectively with your clients, helping them understand what it does and why they should buy it. In-mold decorating can also be used to create labels that are smoother to touch, and won’t peel, fade or crack. This creates a more professional look that customers will appreciate. It also makes your product easier for consumers to use, which means you can sell more of it!

Add to the strength of the plastic part

There are many benefits to in-mold decorating, including the ability to add to the strength of your plastic part. When you use in-mold decorating, manufacturers can create a design that’s both decorative and functional. This is especially helpful when you’re creating products that need to be strong and durable. For example, if you want to make a plastic part for use in car interiors or other vehicles, in-mold decorating can be used to create logos or other designs that add strength and functionality to the product.

Create labels that are smoother to touch and won’t peel, fade or crack

Under normal circumstances, labels tend to wear naturally over time. Whether it’s from the sun, moisture, or simple usage wear, labels will eventually fade or tear to the point of illegibility. If you want to avoid this, then in-mold decorating is a great solution. Using this method, your products can be safely protected from the elements. This is especially important if you need to ensure that any safety labels on your product last a long time- it’s crucial to the safety of your customers. The ability to create labels that don’t peel, fade or crack is one of the reasons why in-mold decorating has become so popular among manufacturers. It’s also important to note that in-mold decorating doesn’t just protect your product; it can also increase its shelf life.

Eliminate any need for overlay protection

Since the image is fused into the surface of the part, with in-mold decorating you’ll have no need for overlay protection. Instead, your product will be protected from chemicals and wear unlike any other labeling or design method. This can be especially helpful for customers who want to keep their products looking as good as new for as long as possible. In-mold decorating also means that you’ll have no need for overlay protection, which means there’s no risk of the label peeling or cracking away from the surface of your product.

In mold decorating is an increasingly popular method that helps to separate your products from the competition. It’s also a great way to protect your brand and keep your customers happy. You can use this technique from anything ranging from the transportation to the medical industry, but always with reliable and long-lasting results. In-mold decorating is a process that allows you to create a label or logo directly onto the surface of your product. It’s an extremely versatile method and can be used for everything from pharmaceuticals to food products. This is one of the most popular methods for companies who want their products to stand out on the shelf and grab attention from customers. In-mold decorating can also help protect your brand by making sure that it stays in place and doesn’t peel off over time. At Golden Valley Products, we offer a wide range of services including: Digital printingScreen printingPad printingLaser cuttingSteel rule die cuttingWaterjet cuttingLaminatingEmbossingMembrane switchesMedical sensors (pressure sensors)Graphic overlays, and more!

In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MN

In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MN

In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MN

In-Mold Decorating in Minnetonka MN

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