Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN | The Advantages of Laser Cutting

laser cutting in golden valley mn

Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN | The Advantages of Laser Cutting


Perhaps the greatest advantage of laser cutting is the precision with which it can cut. Laser cutting is capable of creating extremely fine details in a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic and glass. This means that laser cutting can be used for a variety of applications, including creating prototypes and other products that require high-precision cutting. Laser cutting is so precise because of the way that it works. The device uses a high-powered laser to cut through the material, which means that it can create extremely fine details with no discernible edges or jagged lines. Compared to something like a saw, laser cutters have a mobile cutting tool, which can move in any direction over the surface that needs to be cut, meaning the blade never gets in the way of the cutting process. Laser cutting is ideal for creating prototypes because it can create very fine details with no discernible edges or jagged lines. Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN 

Material Variety

Laser Cutting is a popular choice for manufacturers who have durable or otherwise hard to cut materials. Many other methods of cutting require the use of a blade, which can damage or dull the material being cut. With laser cutting, there is no contact between the material and the cutting tool, so it won’t be damaged or dulled. In addition, particularly hardy materials like steel or other metals that would normally prove to be too durable for standard cutting tools can be easily cut using the laser cutting method. Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN

No Post-Processing

After the material is cut, there is no post-processing required. Most other methods of cutting require additional steps like sanding or grinding to smooth out rough edges or remove debris left behind by the cutting tool. With laser cutting, there are usually no rough edges or debris to worry about and these extra steps can be avoided altogether. This is large part due to how laser cutting works- by separating the actual cutting tool from the material, meaning the only thing that comes into contact with your product is a highly precise laser. This means the jagged edges you might see from a saw blade or other cutting material can be avoided, and your end product will look more refined and professional.


With the right equipment and setup, laser cutting can be extremely fast. The speed at which a laser can cut through material is much faster than other methods such as sawing or grinding, so you’ll be able to get your product made more quickly. The speed of cutting also means that you don’t have to worry about waiting around for hours on end while your products are being made- if there are multiple orders in line ahead of yours, they may be able to start working on them sooner! For fast service of Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MNcontact Golden Valley Products today!


The edge of a laser cut product is incredibly durable compared to other cutting methods. This is because the high heat of the laser can often firm up the material directly on the cutting edge, meaning what could otherwise be a delicate or risk-prone step in your design process will instead be a simple, durable one. This is especially useful for things like jewelry and other small products that need to maintain their strength in order to be worn or used.

Reduced Waste

Laser cutting is a unique method of cutting during the manufacturing process because it has incredibly narrow kerf widths. Kerf widths are the widths of the cuts themselves that occur during the manufacturing process, and can vary in width depending on the cutting method. If you’d ever used a table saw, you probably understand how the width of the blade itself has to be factored into the manufacturing process. Because laser cutting has an incredibly narrow kerf width, this means that the material that is cut out of the component by the laser is significantly smaller than what would have been removed if it had been cut with another method. This means that there is less waste during the manufacturing process, which can save companies money as well as reduce their carbon footprint. Not only is the kerf width of products manufactured with laser cutters incredibly thin, but the precision of laser cutters also allows for multiple components to be cut at once with very narrow gaps between them, meaning that a company can save even more money on material by cutting multiple parts at once. Laser cutters are also extremely accurate, which means that the parts that are produced with them fit together perfectly.

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Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN

Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN

Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN

Laser Cutting in Golden Valley MN

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