Potentiometers in St Paul MN | Benefits of Using Membrane Potentiometers
Potentiometers in St Paul MN | Benefits of Membrane Potentiometers

Benefits of Using Membrane Potentiometers | Potentiometers in St Paul MN

Potentiometers in St Paul MN

A membrane potentiometer is a voltage divider that is used in order to measure voltage (or electric potential). Membrane potentiometers are used in a variety of different industries from the medical industry to the automotive industry to the robotics and aerospace industries. Here are some of the benefits of using membrane potentiometers for your equipment, devices, or electronics: Potentiometers in St Paul MN

Benefits of Membrane Potentiometers:

Membrane potentiometers can be used for a variety of different applications, including for motion control, audio control, light control, calibration and tuning, and much more. That’s why so many different industries utilize them for their electronics and equipment. Here are some of the many benefits of using membrane potentiometers:

Lower Cost and Lead Time:

Compared to mechanical position sensors, membrane potentiometers offer a greater cost reduction with regards to the upfront tooling costs and lead time.

Moisture Resistance:

We are able to make a fully-sealed construction that can hold up to an IP65 rating. 

Easy to Replace:

As this is a surface-laminated component, membrane potentiometers provide a faster, low-cost option for field and refurbish replacements. Since the membrane potentiometer is all contained in one package, it provides a drop-in place option without the costly replacement of the circuit boards contained inside the unit.

Reduced Footprint:

Low-profile construction offers a greater space-saving design option.

Customized User-Interface Options:

Since our membrane potentiometers are custom-made and tailored to a specific order, as opposed to an off-the-shelf option, you have the option to customize the interface to meet your needs.

If you’re interested in using potentiometers for your business or organization, feel free to contact Golden Valley Products, the best contract manufacturers in Saint Paul MN today.

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Potentiometers in St Paul MN

Potentiometers in St Paul MN

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